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Psychic Friend
My Rocks Are Dreams

Psychic Friend - My Rocks Are Dreams

Will Schwartz, Psychic Friend's leading man, wrote the tunes that would become their debut album, My Rocks Are Dreams expressly for the project. That seems a kind of mild statement, but considering Schwartz's musical work ethic, it's a valid point. Not only has he been a founding member of indie tour-de-force, Imperial Teen for the past 15 years, he also owns and operates another notable incarnation, Hey Willpower.

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"Once A Servant"


  1. 1. We Do Not Belong
  2. 2. Once A Servant
  3. 3. Water Sign
  4. 4. Quality Control
  5. 5. Shouldn't Have Tried Again
  6. 6. Softer Side
  7. 7. Silent Show
  8. 8. Never Burn, Never Bruise
  9. 9. The Kids Are OK
  10. 10. Telekinesis