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Victory Lap

Propagandhi - Victory Lap

The first thing to know about Propagandhi, is that they came here to rock. Right from the snarling opening riff of their seventh album, Victory Lap, that much is clear. For everything else that swirls around the band now, and for the last 31 years — the politics, the people and, lately, a gnawing sense of despair — the sheer volume of it all hasn’t changed.

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"Failed Imagineer"


  1. 1. Victory Lap
  2. 2. Comply/Resist
  3. 3. Cop Just Out Of Frame
  4. 4. When All Your Fears Collide
  5. 5. Letters To A Young Anus
  6. 6. Lower Order (A Good Laugh)
  7. 7. Failed Imagineer
  8. 8. Call Before You Dig
  9. 9. Nigredo
  10. 10. In Flagrante Delicto
  11. 11. Tartuffe
  12. 12. Adventures In Zoochosis

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 19
    Manchester, UK Manchester Punk Festival 2018
  • Apr 20
    Glasgow, UK Propagandhi at St Luke's
  • Apr 21
    Manchester, UK Antillectual with Propagandhi, svetlanas, and Wonk Unit at Manchester Gorilla
  • Apr 22
    Bristol, UK Propagandhi with Jesus and his Judgemental Father and Iron Chic at SWX
  • Apr 30
    Paris, France Propagandhi at Le Gibus Live
  • Jun 16
    Calgary, AB, Canada Propagandhi at Palace Theatre
  • Jun 17
    Edmonton, AB, Canada Propagandhi at Starlite Room
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