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Voice Of Rebellion

Pro-Pain - Voice Of Rebellion

The New York quartet Pro-Pain require little introduction. Since their trailblazing debut album Foul Taste Of Freedom, which was nominated for a whole range of awards in the early 1990s, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil has earned the affection and respect of countless fans worldwide and is rightly considered to be a true hardcore metal legend. Every Pro-Pain album is a paragon of intensity, inspiration, honesty and unwillingness to compromise. Their 15th studio recording, Voice Of Rebellion, marks the band’s return to their old form. Band mastermind Gary Meskil continues to be an idealist, in musical as well as political terms.

TAGS: Hardcore | Metal | Thrash

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"Age Of Disgust"


  1. 1. Voice Of Rebellion
  2. 2. No Fly Zone
  3. 3. Righteous Annihilation
  4. 4. Souls On Fire
  5. 5. Take It To The Grave
  6. 6. Age Of Disgust
  7. 7. Bella Morte
  8. 8. Cognitive Dissonance
  9. 9. Blade Of The Cursed
  10. 10. Crushed To Dust
  11. 11. Enraged
  12. 12. Hellride
  13. 13. DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
  14. 14. Fuck This Life
  15. Digi Pack Bonus Tracks:
  16. 1. Johnny Black 2015
  17. 2. Stand Tall - Live 2013
  18. 3. Make War (Not Love) Live 2013

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 22
    Cologne, Germany Pro-Pain at MTC
  • Aug 23
    Cologne, Germany Pro-Pain at Helios37
  • Aug 24
    Bastogne, Belgium American Rock Festival 2019
  • Aug 30
    Roth, Germany Wallesau ist Blau 2019
  • Nov 15
    Berlin, Germany Pro-Pain at Nuke Club
  • Dec 06
    Zug, Switzerland Pro-Pain at Galvanik
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