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Foul Taste Of Freedom (Reissue)

Pro-Pain - Foul Taste Of Freedom (Reissue)

The New York quartet Pro-Pain require little introduction. Since their trailblazing debut album Foul Taste Of Freedom, which was nominated for a whole range of awards in the early 1990s, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil has earned the affection and respect of countless fans worldwide and is rightly considered to be a true hardcore metal legend. Every Pro-Pain album is a paragon of intensity, inspiration, honesty and unwillingness to compromise.

Comes on CD Digipak and limited edition orange vinyl. It includes bonus tracks, and the CD, a 2-sided poster, 1992 replica artwork, and brand new liner notes and photos.

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"Pound For Pound"


  1. 1. Foul Taste Of Freedom
  2. 2. Death On The Dance Floor
  3. 3. Murder 101
  4. 4. Pound For Pound
  5. 5. Every Good Boy Does Fine
  6. 6. Death Goes On
  7. 7. Rawhead
  8. 8. The Stench Of Piss
  9. 9. Picture This
  10. 10. Iraqnophobia
  11. 11. Johnny Black
  12. 12. Lesson Learned
  13. 13. God Only Knows
  14. 14. Take It Back (Bonus Track)
  15. 15. Pound For Pound Remix (Bonus Track)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 31
    Murska Sobota, Slovenia Pro-Pain and Cold Snap at Unknown venue
  • Jun 01
    Munich, Germany Pro-Pain with INSANITY and Grove Street Families at Halle, Backstage
  • Jun 06
    Reichenbach, Germany Chronical Moshers Open Air 2019
  • Jun 08
    Hamburg, Germany Pro-Pain at Logo
  • Jun 21
    Litomerice, Czech Republic Death Coffee Party 7 2019
  • Jun 21
    Dresden, Germany Pro-Pain at Loco Club
  • Dec 06
    Zug, Switzerland Pro-Pain at Galvanik
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