New Releases For August 6, 2013

Hobo Rocket

Pond - Hobo Rocket

Hobo Rocket is the fifth LP from Perth, Australia based five-piece Pond. Made up of Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Cam Avery, Joseph Ryan and Jamie Terry, the band set out to make a record that captures a portion of rock music's great, decadent history through a personal lens.

Hobo Rocket is brief and dark. It captures the live intensity the band cultivated during their tour across a large swath of the world around the release of 2012's Beard, Wives, Denim. 'This album is supposed to represent that thrill that I get watching Youtubes from [the Beard Wives Denim] era,' says Watson.

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  1. 1. Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide?
  2. 2. Xanman
  3. 3. O Dharma
  4. 4. Aloneaflameaflower
  5. 5. Giant Tortoise
  6. 6. Hobo Rocket
  7. 7. Midnight Mass (At the Market Street Payphone)

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