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Pokey LaFarge
Something In The Water

Pokey LaFarge - Something In The Water

“It really feels like I’m taking a big step forward on this one,” Pokey LaFarge says of Something in the Water, his seventh album and his Rounder debut. “While we were recording it, I kept thinking, ‘Hey, we’re really onto something here.’”

Indeed, the dozen-song set marks a new landmark in a career that’s already filled with musical highlights. The St. Louis-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist draws from a deep well of American musical traditions to create distinctively personal music that’s timeless rather than retro, transcending the confines of genre in a manner that reflects the artist’s openhearted attitude.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"Something In The Water"


  1. 1. Something In The Water
  2. 2. Wanna Be Your Man
  3. 3. Underground
  4. 4. When Did You Leave Heaven
  5. 5. Cairo, Illinois
  6. 6. Actin' A Fool
  7. 7. All Night Long
  8. 8. Goodbye. Barcelona
  9. 9. Far Away
  10. 10. The Spark
  11. 11. Bad Girl
  12. 12. Knockin' The Dust Off The Rust Belt Tonight

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 24
    Los Angeles (LA), CA, US Pokey LaFarge at Jam In The Van
  • Nov 01
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Pokey LaFarge at Maassilo
  • Nov 04
    Oslo, Norway Pokey LaFarge at Cosmopolite
  • Nov 06
    GrenĂ¥, Denmark Pokey LaFarge at Pavillonen Pavillonsalen
  • Nov 16
    Eindhoven, Netherlands Pokey LaFarge at Effenaar
  • Dec 28
    St Louis, MO, US Pokey LaFarge at Off Broadway
  • Dec 29
    St Louis, MO, US Pokey LaFarge at Off Broadway
  • Feb 18
    Minneapolis, MN, US Pokey LaFarge with Esther Rose at Fine Line
  • Feb 19
    Chicago, IL, US Pokey LaFarge at Thalia Hall
  • Feb 20
    Grand Rapids, MI, US Pokey LaFarge and Esther Rose at The Pyramid Scheme
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