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Pokey LaFarge
Manic Revelations

Pokey LaFarge - Manic Revelations

Each chord, each riff, shades the stories Pokey LaFarge sets up in his lyrics, always in search of the purest truth within the 10 forlorn, haunting melodies on Manic Revelations. A musician, a storyteller, a narrator of the messy, unkempt American experience…Pokey LaFarge sits, he watches, he writes. Everything that’s worth happening happens in his songs. From the broad social narrative of “Riot In The Streets” to the internal tension of “Must Be A Reason” and “Bad Dreams” to the profound alienation of “Silent Movie,” these manic revelations are questions, they are answers, they are an epoch for Pokey LaFarge.

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"Riot In The Streets"


  1. 1. Riot In The Streets
  2. 2. Must Be A Reason
  3. 3. Better Man Than Me
  4. 4. Bad Dreams
  5. 5. Mother Nature
  6. 6. Silent Movie
  7. 7. Good Luck Charm
  8. 8. Going To The Country
  9. 9. Wellington
  10. 10. I Will Never Change

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 31
    Savannah, GA, US Pokey LaFarge at Charles H. Morris Center
  • Apr 01
    Savannah, GA, US Pokey LaFarge at Charles H. Morris Center
  • Apr 05
    Los Angeles, CA, US Pokey LaFarge at Pico Union Project
  • Apr 06
    Phoenix, AZ, US Pokey LaFarge at MIM Music Theater
  • Apr 25
    Milwaukee, WI, US Pokey LaFarge at The Back Room at Colectivo Coffee
  • Apr 26
    Minneapolis, MN, US Pokey LaFarge at Cedar Cultural Center
  • Apr 27
    Madison, WI, US Pokey LaFarge at High Noon Saloon
  • May 09
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Pokey LaFarge at Rotown
  • May 10
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Pokey LaFarge at Het Zonnehuis
  • May 12
    Nijmegen, Netherlands Pokey LaFarge at Doornroosje
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