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Waltzed In From The Rumbling

Plants And Animals - Waltzed In From The Rumbling

The influences of Waltzed In From The Rumbling are far and wide: the broken soul of Van Morrison; the off-kilter geometry of J Dilla; the dark, French funk of Serge Gainsbourg; the fire of John Coltrane's quartet; Messiaen's synaesthesia; the quirk of Angelo Badalamenti. The result is pure Plants And Animals, wide open with room to move.

“It’s a bit more rollicking of a jam, enjoyable for its jangly guitars, buoyant psych-folk melodies and brisk percussion, but it’s Spicer’s vocal repetition of the song’s title that makes “No Worries Gonna Find Us” as enjoyable and unhurried of an anthem you’re likely to find in 2016”. - KEXP

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"No Worries Gonna Find Us"


  1. 1. We Were One
  2. 2. No Worries Gonna Find Us
  3. 3. Fata Morgana
  4. 4. Stay
  5. 5. All Of The Time
  6. 6. So Many Nights
  7. 7. Flowers
  8. 8. Je Voulais Te Dire
  9. 9. Off The Water
  10. 10. Johnny Is A Drummer
  11. 11. Pure Heart

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