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Plague Vendor

Plague Vendor - Bloodsweat

Bloodsweat, the new album by Plague Vendor, is their most powerful and menacing work, and it cements the band as the purveyors of dark post-punk in the current scene. They are a fierce live band who spent the last two years playing endless live shows. At the heart of every show is frenetic front man Brandon Blaine, who channels the Birthday Party-era Nick Cave. The band evokes a foreboding, and very rock ‘n’ roll presence reminiscent of ‘80s Southern California punk. Bloodsweat captures the intensity of Plague Vendor and you will soon agree with Pitchfork when they say “it f***ing shreds.”

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  1. 1. Anchor To Ankles
  2. 2. Jezebel
  3. 3. Ox Blood
  4. 4. Credentials
  5. 5. ISUA
  6. 6. Chopper
  7. 7. No Bounty
  8. 8. Saturday Night Shakes
  9. 9. Fire To Emotion
  10. 10. Giving In, Given Out
  11. 11. Got It Bad

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