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Pigeon Toe
The First Perception

Pigeon Toe - The First Perception

Pigeon Toe came to be as a project of the two guitarists and brothers Marsn and Hanson, besides Fear My Thoughts, Backside, and Mongouse, in 2008. But the line-up wasn't completed until drummer Norman Lonhard (now Triptykon), bassist Ben Krahl (Final Kings), and Patrick Hagmann (ex-Fear My Thoughts) joined on 3rd guitar and synths.

The First Perception is having subtle shades, violent eruptions, and a unifying atmosphere. Listeners will be impressed, because Pigeon Toe are playing their prog-metal straight from the heart, but with reflection and ripeness.

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"The First Perfection"


  1. 1. The First Perfection
  2. 2. The Chase
  3. 3. Sneak
  4. 4. The Cave
  5. 5. The Man With The Cat
  6. 6. A Broken Man
  7. 7. Second Try
  8. 8. The Crooked Path
  9. 9. The Wizard Pt. 1
  10. 10. The Wizard Pt.2
  11. 11. The Flashback