New Releases For July 17, 2012

Piano Overlord
Aninha Mission

Piano Overlord - Aninha Mission

The Piano Overlord album Aninha Mission charts the hopeful course and eventual disillusionment, rejection, and isolationism of an island immigrant to the United States, with particular consideration to Cuban and Haitian refugees. With no words, the listener must rely on the emotional tones of the music for interpretation. Herren plans to donate the artistic proceeds of Piano Overlord releases to various relief funds for immigrants. It's the type of money-where-your-mouth-is activism that will further delineate this project from the abstract theory of other socially conscious music.

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  1. 1. Conception
  2. 2. Reception
  3. 3. I Moved Here
  4. 4. Somewhere South
  5. 5. Overising
  6. 6. Better Things
  7. 7. The Last Picture Washed Away
  8. 8. Eygtology
  9. 9. En Sveno
  10. 10. Aninha
  11. 11. Untitled (Featuring Cibelle)
  12. 12. I Moved Here (Reprise)
  13. 13. Untitled