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Peter Gabriel
Secret World Live (DVD/Blu-ray)

Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live (DVD/Blu-ray)

Peter Gabriel's Grammy winning film Secret World Live has now been newly restored and remastered from the original film to be seen and heard in the best possible quality. Filmed in Modena, Italy across two nights in November 1993 as part of Peter Gabriel's acclaimed Secret World Live Tour in support of the Us album, the show is elaborately presented and choreographed with two stages joined by a narrow pier. Peter Gabriel has always been a charismatic live performer with the ability to draw his audience into the onstage world he has created and rarely has this been better captured than on Secret World Live.


  1. 1. Come Talk To Me
  2. 2. Steam
  3. 3. Across The River
  4. 4. Slow Marimbas
  5. 5. Shaking The Tree
  6. 6. Blood Of Eden
  7. 7. San Jacinto
  8. 8. Kiss That Frog
  9. 9. Washing Of The Water
  10. 10. Solsbury Hill
  11. 11. Digging In The Dirt
  12. 12. Sledgehammer
  13. 13. Secret World
  14. 14. Don't Give Up
  15. 15. In Your Eyes

  17. - "Red Rain" - cut from the original film, now included for the first time

  18. - Timelapse film of the complex stage set up

  19. - The making of Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live" film including interviews and behind the scenes footage

  20. - Newly restored photo montage slideshow to the remixed "Quiet" version of "Steam"

  21. - "The Rhythm Of The Heat" orchestral version from the "New Blood: Live In London" show

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