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Peter Bradley Adams
The Mighty Storm

Peter Bradley Adams - The Mighty Storm

The Mighty Storm is marked by strong melodies, the band's understated, but muscular playing and the calm emotional intensity of his singing. The lyrics are the album's most positive, but Adams' whispered, aching vocals provide a dramatic contrast, implying the loneliness that often resides in the heart of an enraptured lover. The songs on The Mighty Storm may have a placid surface, but the soothing melodies and Adams' low-key delivery run deep to portray the joys and insecurities of the human condition with a rare compassionate insight.

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"The Mighty Storm"


  1. 1. The Mighty Storm
  2. 2. Hey Believers
  3. 3. Feather In Her Crown
  4. 4. Be Still My Heart
  5. 5. A Way To You Again
  6. 6. When The Cold Comes
  7. 7. Gypsy Lady
  8. 8. She Has To Come Down
  9. 9. New Orleans
  10. 10. Around Us
  11. 11. When The Cold Comes (Alternative Version)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jan 16
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL, US 30A Songwriters Festival 2020
  • Feb 07
    Fort Worth, TX, US Peter Bradley Adams at The Post at River East
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