New Releases For March 11, 2016

Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn - ArrangingTime

Pete Yorn’s path has carried him to ArrangingTime. Reflecting on the past while forging into the future, he re-teamed with producer R. Walt Vincent who helmed the boards for 2001’s gold-selling musicforthemorningafter and its 2003 follow-up Day I Forgot. This new body serves as a home to some of the vocalist’s most dynamic characters populating a musical landscape of delicate folk, ethereal blues, and vibrant pop-punctuated rock ‘n’ roll.

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"Lost Weekend"


  1. 1. Summer Was A Day
  2. 2. Lost Weekend
  3. 3. Halifax
  4. 4. In Your Head
  5. 5. She Was Weird
  6. 6. I'm Not The One
  7. 7. Shopping Mall
  8. 8. Roses
  9. 9. Screaming At The Setting Sun
  10. 10. Walking Up
  11. 11. Tomorrow
  12. 12. This Fire

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