New Releases For May 22, 2012

Paul & Linda McCartney
Ram (Reissue)

Paul & Linda McCartney - Ram (Reissue)

'Ladies and gentlemen, this is an album from a long, long time ago, when the world was different. This is an album that is part of my history - it goes back to the wee hills of Scotland where it was formed. It's an album called Ram. It reminds me of my hippie days and the free attitude with which was created. I hope you're going to like it, because I do!'
- Paul McCartney, 2012

Ram is the latest album from Paul's iconic back catalogue to get the deluxe Paul McCartney Archive Collection treatment. As with the previous releases in the series, Paul has personally overseen every aspect of the project and the result is spectacular.

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"Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey"


  1. 1. Too Many People
  2. 2. 3 Legs
  3. 3. Ram On
  4. 4. Dear Boy
  5. 5. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
  6. 6. Smile Away
  7. 7. Heart Of The Country
  8. 8. Monkberry Moon Delight
  9. 9. Eat At Home
  10. 10. Long Haired Lady
  11. 11. Ram On
  12. 12. The Back Seat Of My Car