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Legacy Of The Ancients

Pathology - Legacy Of The Ancients

Pathology is no stranger to the current burgeoning underground American Death Metal movement. Their gore-soaked music and imagery has gained serious notoriety since drummer Dave Astor (founding member and original drummer for both grind-spazz project The Locust and militant death squad Cattle Decapitation) founded the group along with Matti Way (from Disgorge) in 2006, amidst the hot confines of San Diego, CA. Pathology combines the bowel-shaking vocals of the classic American death metal kings Suffocation and Mortician, mixed with the technical prowess of goregrind gods Carcass and the mosh-inducing stomps of Dying Fetus and Skinless.

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"Code Injection"


  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Code Injection
  3. 3. Among Giants
  4. 4. Abduction
  5. 5. Afterlife
  6. 6. Collapsing In Violence
  7. 7. Tower Of Babel
  8. 8. Blood Runs
  9. 9. The Extinction Of Flesh
  10. 10. Legacy Of The Ancients
  11. 11. Saturn Brotherhood

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 07
    Seattle, WA, US Pathology with Unmerciful at El Corazón
  • Oct 02
    Portland, OR, US Pathology and Unmerciful at Bossanova Ballroom
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