New Releases For November 9, 2010

How To Be Mean

Palmdale - How To Be Mean

'When we finished work on our debut release, Get Wasted, we had such a good creative flow going (Kay and I play, sing, write and produce everything ourselves) that we just kept writing what would become How To Be Mean. The new EP is a little more diverse than the last, from the hard-hitting 'Here We Go' to the almost alt-country 'Things I Think About On Planes.' We also used a different team for mixing (Tom Polce) and mastering (Dave Collins) and they did a slam-dunk job!' - Linus of Hollywood

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"Here We Go"


  1. 1. Meet The Future Downlow
  2. 2. Here We Go
  3. 3. Can't Can't Wait To See You
  4. 4. Pick Up The Phone
  5. 5. How To Be Mean
  6. 6. Things I Think About On Planes