New Releases For October 16, 2015

Outlaws & Moonshine

Outlaws & Moonshine - 1919

“Outlaws & Moonshine 1919 EP ranks 10 out of 10! These guys are some bad ass musicians who are carving their niche and are doing a great job.” - Maximum Threshold

“There’s a beauty to the simplicity of this feel-good party song and the overall stripped-down, straight-ahead sound of Outlaws & Moonshine (think AC/DC with Southern Rock sensibilities)." - Hard Rock Daddy

"This is exceptional music. Outlaws & Moonshine transcends all barriers crossing into the mainstream." - Maryland Music Magazine

It’s rock meets country in a whirlwind that results in a jam that isn’t for the country guys and gals who like artists like Taylor Swift. Outlaws & Moonshine are definitely aiming for the stars.

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"Hey Y’All"


  1. 1. Cootie Brown
  2. 2. Whiskey
  3. 3. Hey Y’All
  4. 4. Redneck Me
  5. 5. Different Kind Of Man