New Releases For June 8, 2018

Otm Shank
So Bazaar (Single)

Otm Shank - So Bazaar (Single)

Otm Shank takes us on a mystical journey to a bustling Eastern market in “So Bazaar,” the energetic next release on his Los-Angeles-based-world-influenced-peace-spreading record label, Pinkturban. Enriched with exotic instrumentation over his trademark thumping kick drum, hypnotic bassline, and crisp percussion, "So Bazaar" has been stirring up Otm’s dancefloors all over LA following its debut on the Pinkturban Peace Float at the 12th annual Bangladesh Independence Day Parade. Serving up a tastefully techy remix is UK producer Bump Ugly, who’s recently been making waves on Dirtybird, and exquisite Arabic Square Kufic artwork comes from Egyptian calligrapher Mahmoud Gafar.

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"So Bazaar (Original Mix)"


  1. 1. So Bazaar (Original Mix)
  2. 2. So Bazaar (Bump Ugly Remix)

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