New Releases For February 23, 2018

Otm Shank
Kaida (Single)

Otm Shank - Kaida (Single)

Otm Shank unveils the next offering on his label, Pinkturban, with an Indian-classical-electronic-fusion track that teaches us a "Kaida" - a tabla (Indian hand drum) composition consisting of variations on a theme, deriving from the Arabic word meaning “rule” or “a system of rules.” To accomplish this, Otm intricately samples and recomposes tabla exactly as his guru taught him, layered with lush warped sitar, heavy-hitting dance beats, and rich retro synths somewhat reminiscent of Charanjit Singh, the Bollywood composer that invented techno. The package includes a club remix from UK bass producer Ahadadream, a tablacapella DJ tool, and mesmerizing Square Kufic artwork from Egyptian calligraphy artist Mahmoud Gafar.

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"Kaida (Original Mix)"


  1. 1. Kaida (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Kaida (Ahadadream Remix)
  3. 3. Kaida (Tablacapella DJ Tool)

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