New Releases For April 7, 2017

Otm Shank
Bounce EP (Digital)

Otm Shank - Bounce EP (Digital)

The mysterious Bollywood-singer-turned-Hollywood-DJ Otm Shank (pronounced "Autumn Shank") returns with his follow up - Bounce EP. Beginning a lifelong study of the Indian hand drum tabla with his guru, the great Debasish Chaudhuri, Otm explores taking the instrument to uncharted electronic places over two unique tracks. On remix duties, Roska jumps back into his Afro-influenced alias Bakongo and ZDS delivers a high-energy tech house mix. Plus, Pinkturban’s official tabla player (OTP), Aanand Dika, performs a live tabla version of Teentaal to wind down gently after all that bouncing.

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"Bounce (Original Mix)"


  1. 1. Bounce (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Teentaal (Original Mix)
  3. 3. Bounce (Bakongo Remix)
  4. 4. Bounce (ZDS Remix)
  5. 5. Teentaal (Live Tabla Version Featuring Aanand Dika)

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