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Sounds Like Armageddon

Otep - Sounds Like Armageddon

Night after night OTEP continues to display an unruly force of high-energy and emotional hard rock that is unmatched. Having performed over 1,000 shows and sharing the stage with Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Five Finger Death Punch, along with dozens of other notable names throughout hard rock and metal, OTEP has demonstrated she is one of the finest and most intense live artists today.

Sounds Like Armageddon is a special, career-spanning live CD intended to give the world a glimpse of how chaotic, passionate, poetic, and captivating OTEP is while on stage. Recently recorded on the 2012 Destroy To Create Tour, Sounds Like Armageddon is a must have for all fans of OTEP.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Live | Metal

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"Rise, Rebel, Resist"


  1. 1. Battle Ready
  2. 2. Fillthee
  3. 3. Crooked Spoons
  4. 4. Blood Pigs
  5. 5. Confrontation
  6. 6. My Confession
  7. 7. Rise, Rebel, Resist
  8. 8. T.R.I.C.
  9. 9. Ghostflowers
  10. 10. Fists Fall
  11. 11. Breed (Nirvana Cover)

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