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Otep - KULT 45

Proudly carrying the torch that artists like Zack De La Rocha, Woody Guthrie, Chuck D, System Of A Down, and Kendrick Lamar lit up with their politically charged lyrics, the talented singer, rapper, poet, illustrator, author, and activist Otep Shamaya has proven to be one of the prolific, loudest and most sincere voices in protest music. On KULT 45, the powerhouse eighth studio album, Otep expertly fuses aggressive and pervasive metal molotovs, imbued with eruptive rapcore, that captivate the mind and body, not only with lyrically-embraced social enlightenment, but with poignant messages regarding the current political and cultural conditions in America.

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"Shelter In Place"


  1. 1. Hail To The Thief
  2. 2. Halt Right
  3. 3. Molotov
  4. 4. Said The Snake
  5. 5. Undefeated
  6. 6. Trigger Warning
  7. 7. Cross Contamination
  8. 8. Shelter In Place
  9. 9. Boss
  10. 10. To The Gallows
  11. 11. Sirens Calling
  12. 12. Invisible People
  13. 13. Be Brave
  14. 14. Wake Up (Rage Against The Machine Cover)
  15. 15. Feral Oracle 16. The Tribe Speaks

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 01
    Metz, France Otep and Psycho Village at Les Trinitaires
  • Feb 02
    Cham, Germany Otep at L.A.
  • Feb 05
    Munich, Germany Otep at Club, Backstage
  • Feb 06
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Otep at Melkweg OZ
  • Feb 07
    Villeurbanne, France Otep at Centre Culturel Oecumenique
  • Feb 08
    Dornbirn, Austria Otep at Conrad Sohm
  • Feb 10
    Marseille, France Otep at Le Molotov
  • Feb 12
    Nantes, France Otep at Le Ferrailleur
  • Feb 13
    Camden, UK Otep with in search of sun at The Underworld
  • Feb 15
    Manchester, UK Otep at FAC251 - Factory Manchester
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