New Releases For April 26, 2011


Otep - Atavist

On the release of her fiercely anticipated new album, Atavist, the world renowned OTEP has this to say:

'This album is a return to the umbra, to the darkest parts of me. I am fortifying this fortress of sound with Cyclopean masonry. The language on my lips is forged from forbidden tongues 12 lifetimes old. I am the heart of the gorgon, the broken mind of the lunatic, the courage of the martyr, the voice of the insurrectionist, the agog of the alchemist, I am the defiance in the aching souls waiting for the flame, I am the mighty Minotaur raging against the labyrinths of isolation and sadness. There is a purposeful primal spirit to this record, a coded provocation to remember our connection to the infinite, to the mysterious, to each other.'

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"We Dream Like Lions"


  1. 1. Atavist Animus
  2. 2. Atom To Adam
  3. 3. Drunk On The Blood Of Saints
  4. 4. Remember To Forget
  5. 5. Skin Of The Master
  6. 6. We Dream Like Lions
  7. 7. I, Alone
  8. 8. Baby's Breath
  9. 9. Fists Fall
  10. 10. Stay
  11. 11. Bible Belt
  12. 12. Not To Touch The Earth

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