New Releases For February 5, 2013

Osaka Popstar
Super Hero

Osaka Popstar - Super Hero

All new original material from Osaka Popstar surfaces for the first time in this super-sized limited edition vinyl 12-inch debuting the brand new single, 'Super Hero.'

Free super power: X-Ray vision inner sleeve reveals a super sexy, 2-sided variant of the femme fatale cover art by Josh Howard, creator/artist of the Dead @ 17 comic book series.

Includes 'Where's the Cap'n? (Extra Crunchy Mix).' Singer/producer and longtime Misfits/Ramones collaborator, John Cafiero (aka Osaka Popstar) accompanied by members of the Misfits, Ramones, Black Flag and more (as guests in the backing band), plus soundbytes from vintage Cap'n Crunch commercials blended into a re-mix by DJ Product.

Download card w/ MP3s, animated video and more. First press limited to 1,000 pieces on white vinyl.

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"Super Hero"


  1. 1. Super Hero
  2. 2. Where's The Cap'n? (Extra Crunchy Mix)

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