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Omnium Gatherum

Omnium Gatherum - Beyond

On Beyond Omnium Gatherum continue from where the band's Lifeforce Records debut New World Shadows (2011) left, but there are also stylistic echoes from The Redshift (2008/Candlelight) as well as new interesting ideas that have been brought to the integrated perception of atmospheric death metal Omnium Gatherum are expanding.

The band previously toured Europe alongside Dark Tranquillity, Swallow The Sun, Nile, Grave, Entombed, Caliban, Insomnium etc. Their last album New World Shadows ranked at #5 in the Finnish album charts, the highest chart entry for the band so far.

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"The Unknowing"


  1. 1. Luoto
  2. 2. New Dynamic
  3. 3. In The Rim
  4. 4. Nightwalkers
  5. 5. Formidable
  6. 6. The Sonic Sign
  7. 7. Who Could Say
  8. 8. The Unknowing
  9. 9. Living In Me
  10. 10. White Palace

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 25
    Madrid, Spain Rock The Night Festival 2020
  • Jul 10
    Eura, Finland Metallivuori 2020
  • Dec 15
    Copenhagen, Denmark Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum at Stor Sal , Pumpehuset
  • Jul 15
    Leoben, Austria Area 53 2021
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