New Releases For September 27, 2011

Metal Meets

Ohbijou - Metal Meets

Ohbijou return with their third album: Metal Meets. Their second release, Beacons, generated international attention and chart-topping songs and propelled headlining tours thru Asia, Europe and North America. Metal Meets solidifies Ohbijou's status as one of the most important bands at work in Canada. The album is the bands' most mature and creative offering. Conceptually, Ohbijous draws on geographies populated by rumbling volcanoes, deep lakes and haunted waterfalls, metals torn from damp earth, and dark desires usually uncommitted to words. Each song is housed in a matrix of experimental effects and timbres, and layered atop are Cacey Meciija's moody, tender vocals. Ohbijou has come of age, and their adulthood is more precocious and imaginative than their youth.

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  1. 1. Niagra
  2. 2. Echo Bay
  3. 3. Balikbayan
  4. 4. Metal Meets
  5. 5. Iron & Ore
  6. 6. Slingo
  7. 7. Anser
  8. 8. Obsidia
  9. 9. Scalpel Blade
  10. 10. Turquoise Lake
  11. 11. The Dreaming