New Releases For October 18, 2019

Offbeats Hustling
Oolya / Flute Tribe (Single)

Offbeats Hustling - Oolya / Flute Tribe (Single)

Offbeats Hustling’s debut Rio Ritta EP on Pinkturban smashed into the world with widespread DJ and radio support following its premiere on BBC Radio 1 by Toddla T. Now, the Belarusian bass producer AKA Dzmitry Kulikouski returns to the label for a second installation. His follow up EP features two World-influenced, high energy dance floor monsters. “Oolya” is infectious and deep with its rich layering of ethnic synths, looped Indian vocals, and a relentlessly driving bassline, while, “Flute Tribe” is uniquely experimental, and contrasts mysterious flute melodies with the intensity of its beat.

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"Oolya (Original Mix)"


  1. 1. Oolya (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Flute Tribe (Original Mix)

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