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Off With Their Heads
Be Good

Off With Their Heads - Be Good

Produced by front man Ryan Young, Be Good is OWTH’s fifth studio album. Forced acceptance is a big theme of Be Good, though it’s a hard-learned one, often emerging in the form of primal screams in the band’s trademark style of gruff-punk. Much of the self-deprecation that defined the band’s previous work has been adjusted. It was the years spent out of the van, developing a life at home in Chicago, that gave Young his newfound, more positive perspective. “Not being on the road 250 days a year…you’d be surprised what that does,” he says.

TAGS: Punk | Rock

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"No Love"


  1. 1. Disappear
  2. 2. Be Good
  3. 3. You Will Die
  4. 4. No Love
  5. 5. Take Me Away
  6. 6. Tear Me Apart
  7. 7. Trash It
  8. 8. Let It All
  9. 9. Severe Errand
  10. 10. Locking Eyes
  11. 11. Death

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