New Releases For August 13, 2013

Off The Map With Miss Amy
Angels Riding Shotgun

Off The Map With Miss Amy - Angels Riding Shotgun

Take a musically innovative journey with an Americana blend of rock, country and soul. Off The Map fronted by Grammy artist Miss Amy is built of musicians who love to create music. The internationally acclaimed songwriting on this album includes guest performances by sax legend Jim Horn and Nashville steel guitarist Pat Severs.

'Perfect for a long drive or a journey into the adult mind!' - The Hollywood Reporter

'An album of holistic-themed, smoking, country-tinged tunes!' - WDVR,

'An incredibly rich Americana rock and roll treasure!' - Get Behind Me, Now Stay There (PRX)

'Delivers a rich innovative sound!' - Mackie (Grammy-winning producer)

TAGS: Americana

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"Angels Riding Shotgun"


  1. 1. Off The Map
  2. 2. Angels Riding Shotgun
  3. 3. Merlin's Curse
  4. 4. Thousands Of Miles
  5. 5. Coming Of Age
  6. 6. Airport Notes
  7. 7. Traveler
  8. 8. All About The Moment
  9. 9. It's The Kind Of Feeling
  10. 10. Red, White & Blue Horizon
  11. 11. Oh!
  12. 12. Just An Ordinary Day