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False Priest

Of Montreal - False Priest

Teaming up with Grammy-nominated producer Jon Brion (Kanye West, Fiona Apple), of Montreal's mastermind Kevin Barnes traveled to famed Ocean Way Recording (Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra) to record False Priest, his self-professed masterpiece. As discussed in features in Rolling Stone, SPIN, Under the Radar and Pitchfork, False Priest is speaker-rattling heavy on the low end and features appearances by Janelle Monáe and Solange Knowles (Beyoncé's sister). The album also marks the return of organic instruments - with live drums, strings and pianos replacing the midi sounds and sequencers of previous albums.

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"Coquet Coquette"


  1. 1. I Feel Ya' Strutter
  2. 2. Our Riotous Defects
  3. 3. Coquet Coquette
  4. 4. Godly Intersex
  5. 5. Enemy Gene
  6. 6. Hydra Fancies
  7. 7. Like a Tourist
  8. 8. Sex Karma
  9. 9. Girl Named Hello
  10. 10. Famine Affair
  11. 11. Casualty of You
  12. 12. Around the Way
  13. 13. You Do Mutilate?

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 22
    Athens, GA, US of Montreal, Yip Deceiver, and Realistic Pillow at 40 Watt Club
  • Jun 29
    Asheville, NC, US of Montreal at Grey Eagle
  • Jul 26
    Macon, GA, US Bragg Jam Festival 2019
  • Oct 25
    Albany, NY, US of Montreal with Locate S,1 at Skyloft
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