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Oceano - Incisions

In 2011, Oceano decided to take a break to work on their next full-length offering. However, the time off would prove to be more challenging than the band had originally planned. In 2012, with a credo of stagnancy be damned, Guitarist Nick Conser began spearheading the writing process penning a handful of new songs by himself. The others soon joined in and the band started to breathe new life into their lungs as they pushed forward to the next phase of their career. For Oceano Incisions is essentially the first of their albums to be approached lyrically on an emotional and personal level.

TAGS: Deathcore | Metal


  1. 1. Eternal Wasteland
  2. 2. Slow Murder
  3. 3. Slave Of Corporotocracy
  4. 4. Internal War
  5. 5. Self Exploited Whore
  6. 6. New Age Apophis
  7. 7. Embrace Nothingness
  8. 8. Incisions
  9. 9. Blasphemous Mask
  10. 10. Severed Appendages
  11. 11. Disseverance
  12. 12. The Reclaimation

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 01
    Des Moines, IA, US Oceano with The Emblem Faction and Brevity at Lefty's Live Music
  • May 02
    Lincoln, NE, US Oceano with Blessed Are the Merciless at Royal Grove
  • May 05
    Las Vegas, NV, US Carnifex with Oceano, Prison, and Vatican Falling at Fremont Country Club
  • May 08
    Grand Junction, CO, US Carnifex with Oceano, Prison, Sky Burial, and 2 more… at Mesa Theater & Club
  • May 09
    Colorado Springs, CO, US Carnifex with Oceano, Prison, Enterprise Earth, and 1 more… at Black Sheep
  • May 10
    Fort Collins, CO, US Carnifex, Oceano, Prison, Poolside at the Flamingo, and 1 more… at Hodi's Half Note
  • May 11
    Salt Lake City, UT, US Carnifex with Oceano, Enterprise Earth, Prison, and 1 more… at The Complex
  • May 12
    Boise, ID, US Carnifex with Oceano, Enterprise Earth, and Prison at The Shredder
  • May 14
    Spokane, WA, US Carnifex and Oceano at The Pin
  • May 15
    Bend, OR, US Carnifex with Oceano at Domino Room
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