New Releases For November 24, 2009


OC & AG - Oasis

Legendary New York MCs, O.C. & A.G. return from a brief hiatus to quench the thirst of hip-hop fans worldwide. The album, refreshingly titled, OASIS, is executive produced by Show (of Showbiz & AG fame) and features stellar production by Show, Lord Finesse, E. Blaze, and Statik Selektah.

O & A, longtime friends and crewmates, first collaborated together on the classic track 'Weed & Drinks' and ever since then talked about doing a whole album together.

"It was organic cause the chemistry was also so crazy," explains OC.

"The whole process was really pure and from the heart and hip-hop fans are gonna love it!" says AG about their new album.


  1. Oasis
  2. Keep It Going
  3. Give It Back
  4. Alpha Males
  5. Young With Style
  6. Everyday Life
  7. Think About It
  8. Against The Wall
  9. Put It In The Box
  10. Boom Bap
  11. Reality Is
  12. Contagious
  13. Supreme Squad
  14. God's Gift
  15. Get Away
  16. Two For The Money
  17. Pain