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Bang Messiah

Obnox - Bang Messiah

Smog Veil is where Cleveland's one-man industry Lamont “Bim” Thomas debuted Obnox and it is where he returns for his latest and greatest punk-junk-funk masterpiece.

“...Thomas’s grooves are so simple and powerful they feel instantly classic, as if he plucked them from some hidden vault of magic funk tricks.” - Marc Masters (Pitchfork)

“...the eyeball-destroying intersection of needle-ripping blues and sludgy punk.” – Colin Joyce (SPIN)

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  1. 1. Steve Albini Thinks We Suck
  2. 2. Peek-A-Boo
  3. 3. Baby Godmother
  4. 4. I Hate Everything
  5. 5. Cream
  6. 6. 40th St. Black
  7. 7. Enter The Hater
  8. 8. Find My Way
  9. 9. Rally On The Block
  10. 10. Wake And Quake
  11. 11. Off Ya Ass
  12. 12. Fluss

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 13
    Cleveland, OH, US Obnox and Parlor Walls at Happy Dog
  • Jun 20
    Cleveland, OH, US Guillotines with Strains, Obnox, and Black static Eye at Beachland Tavern
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