New Releases For September 10, 2013

Bed & Bugs

Obits - Bed & Bugs

Bed & Bugs is the third album by Brooklyn, NY garage-punkers Obits.

Bed & Bugs was recorded somewhere in Arlington, VA at an unnamed recording studio, simply and rather unhelpfully described as 'upstairs.' It was recorded by Nikhil Ranade, with additional mixing by Eli Janney and Geoff Sanoff.

On listening to Bed & Bugs, the discerning listener may well note more than a passing similarity to such bands as Hot Snakes, Edsel, Drive Like Jehu, Girls Against Boys, Pitchfork, possibly Television, or the Wipers. With the exception of those last two, Obits share members with all of those bands.

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"Taste The Diff"


  1. 1. Taste The Diff
  2. 2. Spun Out
  3. 3. It's Sick
  4. 4. This Must Be Done
  5. 5. Pet Trust
  6. 6. Besetchet
  7. 7. Operation Bikini
  8. 8. Malpractice
  9. 9. This Girl's Opinion
  10. 10. Receptor
  11. 11. I'm Closing In
  12. 12. Machines
  13. 13. Double Jeopardy (For The Third Time)