New Releases For February 26, 2013

Nuru Kane

Nuru Kane - Exile

Nuru's music, like the Baye Fall clothes he wears, is a patchwork. Exile, Nuru's third album, charts his experiences living in Europe, far from his Senegalese homeland. Streams of influence from his life in France, his trips to North Africa and his time in urban London run deep throughout his sound.

Here, his resonant Moroccan guimbri, along with guitars, kora and calabash, bounce and color his luxurious deep singing voice. A musical journey from mellow desert blues to a foot-stomping dance party. Exile is a testament to an extraordinarily gifted and charismatic character both on stage and in the studio.

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  1. 1. Afrika
  2. 2. Exil
  3. 3. Bambala
  4. 4. Niang Balo
  5. 5. Corriendo
  6. 6. Wango
  7. 7. Sadye
  8. 8. Yes We Kane
  9. 9. Issoire
  10. 10. Bayil
  11. 11. Zikar