New Releases For April 14, 2017

Novembers Doom

Novembers Doom - Hamartia

Hamartia marks the band's 28th anniversary year, and is a sonic testament to their legacy as one of the earliest U.S. dark & doom metal bands active today. Considered by the band to be their best work to date, Harmartia's mastery is due in part to the synergy of its lineup, who constituted their previous album: Paul Kuhr (founder/vocalist), Larry Roberts (guitars), Vito Marchese (guitars), Mike Feldman (bass), and Garry Naples (drums). Recorded at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI, this album sees production from long-time producer Chris Djuricic (Jungle Rot, Malevolence), and Mix Master legend Dan Swano (Opeth, Dissection).

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Devils Light
  2. 2. Plague Bird
  3. 3. Ghost
  4. 4. Ever After
  5. 5. Hamartia
  6. 6. Apostasy
  7. 7. Miasma
  8. 8. Zephyr
  9. 9. Waves In The Red Cloth
  10. 10. Borderline