New Releases For July 13, 2010

Norma Jean

Norma Jean - Meridional

Grammy-nominated metal band Norma Jean return with their heaviest record yet, Meridional. The band's fifth studio album revisits the abrasive and chaotic roots of classic Norma Jean while offering fans a dark experimental side -- the band stretching out on moody, slow-burn jams. Vocalist Cory Brandan described Meridional, 'It's a heavy record, multifaceted with epic sounding, experimental songs, some fast, chaotic songs, and some melodic, commanding interludes. Any track we didn't think had reached its utmost sonic prowess was given a second look, revised to be as powerful as possible.'

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"Leaderless And Self Enlisted"


  1. 1. Leaderless And Self Enlisted
  2. 2. The Anthem Of The Angry Brides
  3. 3. Deathbed Atheist
  4. 4. Bastardizer
  5. 5. A Media Friendly Turn For The Worse
  6. 6. Septentrional
  7. 7. Blood Burner
  8. 8. High Noise Low Output
  9. 9. Falling From The Sky: Day Seven
  10. 10. Everlasting Tapeworm
  11. 11. Occidental
  12. 12. The People That Surround You On A Regular Basis
  13. 13. Innocent Bystanders United
  14. 14. Oriental