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Noah Preminger

Noah Preminger - Haymaker

Haymaker sees Preminger lead a kindred-spirit band of top-flight players: guitarist Ben Monder, double-bassist Matt Pavolka and drummer Colin Stranahan.

The album showcases a brace of fresh Preminger compositions, along with one number penned by Monder, the Annie standard 'Tomorrow' and a cover of jamband rocker Dave Matthews' 'Don't Drink the Water.' Haymaker is modern jazz that balances musical integrity with sensual allure.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Don't Drink The Water"


  1. 1. Morgantown
  2. 2. My Blues For You
  3. 3. Haymaker
  4. 4. Animal Planet
  5. 5. Tomorrow
  6. 6. 15,000
  7. 7. Stir My Soul
  8. 8. Rhonda's Suite
  9. 9. Don't Drink The Water
  10. 10. Motif Attractif

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