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Noah Gundersen
White Noise

Noah Gundersen - White Noise

White Noise is the third studio album from Seattle native Noah Gundersen. On this body of work, Gundersen wastes no time establishing his new indie rock sound, molded with a singer-songwriter style that established him as an artist early in his career. "After All (Everything All The Time)" sets the tone with a soft synth build, dynamically contrasted by a heavy drum beat and layered guitar work. Gundersen's single "The Sound" entered the world with a bang on WXPN Philadelphia and boasts over a quarter million streams. Noah heads out on a headlining tour this Fall, hitting major US markets.

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"The Sound"


  1. 1. After All (Everything All The Time)
  2. 2. The Sound
  3. 3. Heavy Metals
  4. 4. Number One Hit Of The Summer (Fade Out)
  5. 5. Cocaine Sex & Alcohol (From A Basement In Los Angeles)
  6. 6. Bad Actors
  7. 7. Fear & Loathing
  8. 8. Sweet Talker
  9. 9. New Religion
  10. 10. Bad Desire
  11. 11. Wake Me Up, I'm Drowning
  12. 12. Dry Year
  13. 13. Send The Rain (To Everyone)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 20
    Santa Fe, NM, US Noah Gundersen at Santa Fe Brewing Company
  • Feb 22
    Costa Mesa, CA, US Noah Gundersen with Aaron Gillespie at The Wayfarer
  • Feb 23
    Morro Bay, CA, US Noah Gundersen with Aaron Gillespie at The Siren
  • Feb 24
    Mill Valley, CA, US Noah Gundersen with Aaron Gillespie at Sweetwater Music Hall
  • Feb 25
    Sacramento, CA, US Noah Gundersen at Harlow's
  • Mar 05
    London, UK Noah Gundersen with Soham De at The Borderline
  • Mar 07
    Barcelona, Spain Noah Gundersen at Festival Millenni
  • Mar 08
    Madrid, Spain Noah Gundersen at Cafe Berlin
  • Mar 12
    Z├╝rich, Switzerland Noah Gundersen and Long Tall Jefferson at Bogen F
  • Mar 14
    Frankfurt, Germany Noah Gundersen at Nachtleben
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