New Releases For February 21, 2012

No Trigger

No Trigger - Tycoon

On their sophomore release Tycoon, No Trigger have compiled what is already being considered by many to be their greatest achievement to date, and an album sure to turn the entire punk rock community on its ear, again.

'Tycoon I think is right where we always wanted to be sonically.' says front-man Tom Rheault. 'The vocals are a lot heavier in spots than ever before, but the choruses are catchy and we have a bunch of interesting twists. We also did a bit more experimenting with structure and parts but it's all still No Trigger. Lyrically this record is the most personal record we have ever written.'

TAGS: Punk

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"Dried Piss"


  1. 1. Maple Boy
  2. 2. Dried Piss
  3. 3. Windmill And Watertower
  4. 4. Checkmate
  5. 5. Department Of The Interior
  6. 6. Mountaineer
  7. 7. Insider (Executive / Amputee)
  8. 8. New Brains
  9. 9. Permanent
  10. 10. Skyscrapers
  11. 11. Turn In My Throat