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No Age
Snares Like A Haircut

No Age - Snares Like A Haircut

Rock and roll for the black hole - reimagined rippers for the misfits that 2017 couldn't kill to blast under the shadow of the big boot and beyond the glow of the chemical horizon. This is driving music - guitars guitars guitars and drums (and vocals) - and you're the designated shotgun rider. Get in and let's go.

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"Send Me"


  1. 1. Cruise Control
  2. 2. Stuck In The Changer
  3. 3. Drippy
  4. 4. Send Me
  5. 5. Snares Like A Haircut
  6. 6. Tidal
  7. 7. Soft Collar Fad
  8. 8. Popper
  9. 9. Secret Swamp
  10. 10. Third Grade Rave
  11. 11. Squashed
  12. 12. Primitive Plus

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 19
    Santa Ana, CA, US Tijuana Panthers and No Age at The Observatory
  • Sep 20
    Los Angeles, CA, US Tijuana Panthers with No Age, Hurricanes, and MU$TY BOYZ at Regent Theater
  • Sep 21
    San Diego, CA, US Tijuana Panthers and No Age at Observatory North Park
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