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No Age
An Object

No Age - An Object

An Object, No Age's fourth full-length album, is hummable, political, recognizably rooted in underground rock, and informed by an aesthetic in which the relationships between guitar, percussion, and vocals become relationships between things.

Again working with Grammy-nominated designer Brian Roettinger, the band prepared and assembled the physical packaging of An Object, fusing the roles of manufacturer, artist, and musician. An Object was recorded by longtime No Age collaborator Facundo Bermudez and No Age at Gaucho's Electronics in Los Angeles.

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"An Impression"


  1. 1. No Ground
  2. 2. I Won't Be Your Generator
  3. 3. C'mon, Stimmung
  4. 4. Defector/ed
  5. 5. An Impression
  6. 6. Lock Box
  7. 7. Running From A-Go-Go
  8. 8. My Hands, Birch And Steel
  9. 9. Circling With Dizzy
  10. 10. A Ceiling Dreams Of A Floor
  11. 11. Commerce, Comment, Commence

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