New Releases For March 25, 2016

Night Moves
Pennied Days

Night Moves - Pennied Days

The second album from Minneapolis band Night Moves, Pennied Days, is a distinctly modern album and a sonic break from their 2012 debut. You can hear tinges of The Band to Curtis Mayfield to pre-punk experimentalists Suicide disassembled and rebuilt in to their own sound. It is a striking leap forward from a promising young band.

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"Denise, Don’t Want To See You Cry"


  1. 1. Carl Sagan
  2. 2. Denise, Don’t Want To See You Cry
  3. 3. Leave Your Lights On
  4. 4. Border On Border
  5. 5. Kind Luck
  6. 6. Hiding In The Melody
  7. 7. Staurolite Stroll
  8. 8. Alabama
  9. 9. Only To Live In Your Memories