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Night Moves
Pennied Days

Night Moves - Pennied Days

The second album from Minneapolis band Night Moves, Pennied Days, is a distinctly modern album and a sonic break from their 2012 debut. You can hear tinges of The Band to Curtis Mayfield to pre-punk experimentalists Suicide disassembled and rebuilt in to their own sound. It is a striking leap forward from a promising young band.

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"Denise, Don’t Want To See You Cry"


  1. 1. Carl Sagan
  2. 2. Denise, Don’t Want To See You Cry
  3. 3. Leave Your Lights On
  4. 4. Border On Border
  5. 5. Kind Luck
  6. 6. Hiding In The Melody
  7. 7. Staurolite Stroll
  8. 8. Alabama
  9. 9. Only To Live In Your Memories

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 03
    Minneapolis, MN, US Night Moves with Lady Lark and Dwynell Roland at First Avenue & 7th St Entry
  • Apr 03
    Minneapolis, MN, US Night Moves, Lady Lark, and Dwynell Roland at 7th St Entry
  • May 14
    Missoula, MT, US Night Moves at Top Hat
  • May 15
    Spokane, WA, US Night Moves at Lucky You Lounge
  • May 16
    Everett, WA, US Fisherman's Village 2020
  • May 18
    Salt Lake City, UT, US Night Moves at Kilby Court
  • May 20
    Denver, CO, US Night Moves at Globe Hall
  • May 22
    Omaha, NE, US Night Moves at Reverb Lounge
  • May 23
    Sioux Falls, SD, US Night Moves at Icon Lounge
  • Aug 22
    London, UK Waterworks 2020
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