New Releases For November 8, 2011

Night In Gales
Five Scars

Night In Gales - Five Scars

It's been silent about the German pioneers of melodic death metal for far too long! The new and fifth Night In Gales album Five Scars successfully combines all of the band's past trademarks within the typically Swedish melodic death metal sound structure, without rejecting new influences and thus making it both the most melodically accessible as well as also the most aggressive effort in the band's history so far, smoothly rounded off with a killer soundmix courtesy of scene icon Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc.).

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"This Neon Grave"


  1. 1. Epitaph
  2. 2. This Neon Grave
  3. 3. Days Of The Mute
  4. 4. Five Scars
  5. 5. Void Venture
  6. 6. The Tides Of November
  7. 7. Life Denied
  8. 8. Endtrip
  9. 9. Whiteout
  10. 10. A Mouthful Of Death
  11. 11. Bloodsong
  12. 12. Blackmouth Blues
  13. 13. The Wake