New Releases For July 17, 2012

Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers

Nicki Bluhm And The Gramblers - Driftwood

Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers were founded in San Francisco in 2008 by Nicki, her husband Tim Bluhm (the Mother Hips), and childhood friend Deren Ney. They were soon joined by bassist Steve Adams (ALO), Dave Mulligan on rhythm guitar and drummer Mike Curry and released their debut album Toby's Song and follow up, Driftwood. The band has been winning fans and critics the old fashioned way: with hard work, great songs and relentless touring. The Sacramento Press cheers 'It's Americana pop rock, with a little country and a lot of California soul... I wanna listen to this album with the windows rolled down, driving along a two-lane country highway to anywhere.'

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  1. 1. Carousel
  2. 2. Before You Loved Me
  3. 3. Stick With Me
  4. 4. I Wanna Be Your Momma Again
  5. 5. Mountain Out Of Nothing
  6. 6. Jetplane
  7. 7. Woman's Prison
  8. 8. Figure You Out
  9. 9. Barbary Blues
  10. 10. Kill You To Call
  11. 11. Wall Of Early Morning Light