New Releases For September 30, 2013

New Model Army
Between Dog And Wolf

New Model Army - Between Dog And Wolf

It's not hard to imagine Between Dog And Wolf becoming one of the essential rock releases of 2013. New Model Army fans are already used to the mix of wit, deepness and emotional turmoil delivered at every release by the band led by Justin Sullivan. This album goes one step further in terms of variety and complexity, adding multi-layered drums and atmospheric musical textures while sacrificing none of the band's famous passion, raw energy and songwriting skills. 'After a series of purist 'rock-band-in-a-room' albums over the last eight years, we felt it was time to do something a bit different and sonically this is the best album we've ever made' say Sullivan.

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"March In September"


  1. 1. Horsemen
  2. 2. March In September
  3. 3. Seven Times
  4. 4. Did You Make It Safe?
  5. 5. I Need More Time
  6. 6. Pull The Sun
  7. 7. Lean Back And Fall
  8. 8. Knievel
  9. 9. Storm Clouds
  10. 10. Between Dog And Wolf
  11. 11. Quasr El Nil Bridge
  12. 12. Tomorrow Came
  13. 13. Summer Moors
  14. 14. Ghosts

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 26
    Clitheroe, UK New Model Army at The Grand
  • Apr 26
    Whitby, UK Tomorrow's Ghosts Festival: Whitby - Weekend Ticket 2019
  • Jun 01
    Camden, UK Camden Rocks Festival 2019
  • Jun 07
    Leipzig, Germany Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2019
  • Aug 15
    Waregem, Belgium Wave Cave - W-Fest 2019
  • Aug 24
    Belfast, UK Stiff Little Fingers, New Model Army, and Therapy? at Custom House Square
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