New Releases For May 17, 2011

New Boyz
Too Cool To Care

New Boyz - Too Cool To Care

Rap duo Ben J and Legacy of the New Boyz are back with their sophomore release Too Cool To Care. The album's first single 'Backseat,' inspired by the international club scene, enlists the help of electro-pop producers The Cataracs and their starlet Dev for a dance-floor banger. Also produced by the Cataracs is the second single, 'Better With The Lights Off' featuring Chris Brown. Along with The Cataracs, DJ Khalil, Kane, Bei Maejor, and a host of other talented up-and-coming producers lend their talents to the wide-ranged release.

'This album is very different from the first one,' confesses Ben J. 'We really wanted to show ourselves as creative artists. A lot of people are going to be surprised.'


  1. 1. Tough Kids (Featuring Sabi)
  2. 2. Crush On You (Featuring YG)
  3. 3. Active Kings (Featuring Tyga)
  4. 4. I Don't Care (Featuring Big Sean)
  5. 5. Porn Star
  6. 6. Backseat (Featuring The Cataracs & Dev)
  7. 7. Meet My Mom
  8. 8. Start Me Up (Featuring Bei Maejor)
  9. 9. Better With The Lights Off (Featuring Chris Brown)
  10. 10. Magazine Girl
  11. 11. Break My Bank (Featuring Iyaz)
  12. 12. Zonin'
  13. 13. Let U Leave
  14. 14. Can't Nobody (Featuring Shanell)
  15. 15. Black Dress
  16. 16. Beautiful Dancer (Featuring Charlie Wilson)