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Never Shout Never
Black Cat

Never Shout Never - Black Cat

At the ripe age of 24, Drew and his band Never Shout Never have released their seventh full-length album Black Cat. A songwriter to be reckoned with since he was 16, Drew’s trajectory as a lyricist and tunesmith only rises, evolving steadily with each new release, as does his empire of fans. Tackling heavy subjects like truth, love, loss, and acceptance, he has developed a genuine talent for exploring the human condition from a place of positivity.

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"Hey! We OK"


  1. 1. Hey! We OK
  2. 2. Fone Tag
  3. 3. Red Balloon
  4. 4. Happy New Year
  5. 5. Awkward Conversations (Best Day)
  6. 6. Black Cat
  7. 7. Peace Song
  8. 8. Woohoo
  9. 9. Boom!
  10. 10. All Is Love

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