New Releases For September 2, 2014

Destined Ways

Neopera - Destined Ways

The ultimate fusion of classical music, modern sounds and heaviness. The German newcomers are very apt at avoiding genre classifications, clichés and the usual tags. Instead, they have concocted a sound that mirrors a vast array of emotions. Sometimes tender and fragile, aggressive and fierce the next instant - Neopera deliver the soundtrack to the movie in your head and will send you on an unforgettable journey between shadow and light.

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"The Marvel Of Chimera"


  1. 1. The Marvel Of Chimera
  2. 2. A Call to Arms
  3. 3. Remote
  4. 4. Destined Ways
  5. 5. Falling Water
  6. 6. The Greed
  7. 7. Error
  8. 8. Last Pantomime
  9. 9. Equilibria
  10. 10. Requiem
  11. 11. Song of Revenge
  12. 12. The Unspeakable